19 April 2024

What is leathered granite, and why do we use it?

leathered granite

When we are making a kitchen without leathered granite, a granite kitchen needs to be completed and unstylish. It is the most popular countertop choice on the market. It is one of the up-and-comers in the countertop category. It will give you an outstanding look.

It is sold like a hot cake to make the kitchen stylish. It is designed not only for warmth, character, and a natural look but also for its durability, ease of maintenance, and customization possibilities. It is a polished variety. It imparts texture, and it has a more matte look without the high-gloss effect of traditional polished varieties.

People like this because of the upkeep and durability of leathered granite. Homeowners have increasingly opted for this character-rich finish.

In this article, we will talk in detail about how they’re manufactured, color options, and maintenance considerations.

What is leathered granite?

There are thousands of finishing stones, but it is hard to choose which one is better. We will tell you about those stones and styles that can significantly alter both the look and feel of your countertop.

If you are looking for a shiny, reflective surface that will highlight the stone’s full colour spectrum, then polished granite is the best choice. You will also like a character-rich, natural-looking stone with a matte finish of honed granite. Honed granite stains can easily polish granite. It is better to camouflage the appearance of scratches.

Leathered granite delivers a matte effect. It is like honed granite. It is a textured surface, full of dips, divots, and fissures rather than being smooth. If you want to create a textured finish, it requires additional manufacturing. If we talk about leathered granite, it is polished. It has a textured surface. It means it’s more resistant to staining than honed.

How Is Leather Granite Made?

It has the natural shape and colour of the stone. Its manufacturing process is more straightforward than other granite finishes. If you want the desired level of texture, you will need an additional process. Leather Granite is treated by running a diamond-tipped brush over the surface. This process is very customizable. The result depends on whether it is more- or less polished. As many times the brushes stroke the surface according to that, it will give you results. When you do this process, the pores of the stone are closed. That is why we say it is less susceptible to staining than honed granite.

Leathered Granite Design Options

Leathered Granite Design will give you a highly customized look. It will be unique and great for your home. It depends on you whether you like more textured or less. It will look for your desired aesthetic. It will also help your countertop to make a focal point in your space.

If you have decided or are thinking of using Gray and black, leathered granite is a popular choice, and the manufacturers also offer brown shades as well.

The colour and the textured surface of leathered granite can deliver a warm patina and earthiness.

Cleaning and Maintenance Considerations

It has low maintenance costs but has high-gloss polished surfaces. It will show every smudge, scratch, and fingerprint; leathered granite takes them all in stride. You will have to clean these on a daily basis.

Leather is also resistant to liquids. You will not have to sprint to mop up a spill before it stains. It has one more pro, which is less slippery than polished stone. That is why it is a good option for flooring surfaces.

The dust is settled into its imperfections. You will have to use a hand brush to clear out crumbs and other debris. You can also use a simple soap and water solution. It is also sufficient for regular cleaning of leathered granite.

Leathered Granite requires resealing like other stone finishes, but you will not have to do this regular honed or polished variety. Remember this: your countertop needs to be resealed, and you will have to do just a simple thing. Spill a small amount of water on the surface. It will soak within 5 to 10 minutes. Now it’s time for a reseal.

Does Leathered Granite Cost More?

As compared to polished granite and leathered granite, it has a lower price point. It is because of its popularity and availability. Compared to strictly leathered granite, it is a more expensive option. It is because of paying for a unique piece. Leathered granite will give you the best look.


It is Fantasy Brown granite countertops which offer a unique, matte appearance with a textured surface. It enhances the stone’s natural beauty. This adds character and practicality. It hides smudges and fingerprints. It is the best choice for kitchens and bathrooms because it is elegant and low-maintenance.



This leathered has Steel Grey granite countertops, which offer a modern, textured appearance. It has stone’s sleek, dark colouration. It is the most popular choice for contemporary spaces. It combines aesthetics with durability.



This leathered is a combination of black and brown hues. It has a captivating fusion of colours and textures. The black and brown veins and patterns create a visually striking contrast within the stone. This thing enhances the beauty of the stone. This is the best combination and gives a touch of sophistication to kitchen and bathroom countertops. It provides a unique blend of warm and earthy tones with a rugged, tactile appeal. It is for those who are looking for an outclass look.



BLUE FANTASY offers sophisticated and low-maintenance choices for kitchen countertops. If you combine a stunning blue hue with a textured surface, it adds character and hides smudges effectively.



Titanium Gold Leathered is a captivating stone which is also known for its rich golden and greyish veining, combining a textured surface. It also adds character. If you are thinking so, this can be best for you; it is a versatile choice for countertops, bridging elegance with durability across various design styles.



If you like dark colours, it will be best for you. Its material not only serves its intended function but also exudes a natural, organic quality and a touch of luxury. It can add bespoke character to the home.

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