19 April 2024

Starfish Sansevieria: How to gerow and care for Starfish?


The world is full of greenery. There are thousands of plants and realities in the world. Among them, one is Starfish. Plants are essential for humans because they provide oxygen. Many plants are beneficial for human beings.

If you like succulents, you can grow sansevieria. If you read the name of this plant, you will come to know why it is called Starfish. Its shape is like starfish-shaped succulents.

In this article, we will talk about Sansevieria cylindrical or Starfish.

What is a Starfish Sansevieria?

You can also say Boncel. It is a scarce plant, but it is searched a lot. It is a compact hybrid of Sansevieria cylindrical or snake plant. It is a more common succulent. It has fan-shaped, light green foliage with dark green concentric circles. It has a leaf from the top to the bottom.

These plants can easily be transplanted to propagate new plants.

This plant is native to Angola. It is a houseplant; you will find this plant in China. Chinese people say that it is the eight virtues of the Eight Gods. It is a hardy plant with striped, smooth, elongated grey/green leaves.

It is about 1 inch (2.5 cm.) across and grows up to 7 feet (2m). The shape of this plant is like a fan. It has stiff leaves that arise from a basal rosette. It has subcylindrical leaves and is tubular. It can tolerate and needs water once a week.

If you give it full sunlight, it will grow well. This plant will grow fast with inch-long (2.5 cm.), greenish-white, tubular blossoms that are tinged with pink.

Starfish Sansevieria Care

It is easy to grow and easy to care. It needs bright light, but remember this: it will tolerate lower levels. It is hardy to USDA zones 10b to 11. It does not need water very much. It is required when it is scorched.

This plant collects water from its leaves because it can cause the plant to rot. You can place the plant at home anywhere, but remember this to protect it from drafts or cooler temps below 50 degrees F. (10 C.)


How do you take care of a starfish plant?

It does not require high maintenance. It would help if you planted it in a small pot with sandy soil. You should provide sunlight and water occasionally.

What is a starfish plant?

Starfish or Snake Plant (Dracaena angolensis, aka Sansevieria cylindrica). It is said because it looks like a star fish. Its leaves extend from a basal rosette into the resemblance of a star.

Are starfish plants poisonous?

It is mainly toxic for humans and pets if ingested. Many gardeners explained that it can die in very cold and hot temperatures.

What are the benefits of the starfish plant?

This plant helps to purify properties. It also helps to remove toxins and harmful chemicals from the air. That is why it is beneficial for indoor spaces.

How do I get my starfish plant to bloom?

It needs Bright indirect light and seasonal changes to enhance blooming.
It requires an Ideal temperature of 60°F-75°F a humidity of 40-60% for flowers
To bloom, it needs well-draining soil, balanced fertilizer, and careful watering support.

Why is my starfish plant turning yellow?

It is because of overwatering, or you can say The Soggy Culprit.
If your plant’s leaves are yellow and mushy, Reduce watering and let the soil dry out completely. Do not water at that time until the soil is dry.

What does the starfish plant smell like?

This plant belongs to the Dogbane Family (Apocynaceae). It smells like rotting meat.

How big does a starfish plant get?

It is a hybrid selection of snake plants. It has stout, cylindrical, grey-green leaves with dark green stripes. It can reach up to 4′ tall.

Are there different varieties of Starfish Plants?

Yes, it has several species. They have unique characteristics, which include flower colour, size, and texture. The some species are Stapelia gigantea, Stapelia hirsuta, and Stapelia variegata.

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