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Best way to grow and care for Pineapple Lily plant

Pineapple Lily

There are thousands of plants in the world. It is very hard to identify which plant belongs to which species. If we talk about a pineapple lily, it is a flower bulb. It is not a pineapple or a true lily. The pineapple lily has flower stalks. It forms tiny, star-like when it blooms. This plant opens in a cylindrical raceme from the bottom up. When it develops a little crown of leafy bracts, it looks like the feathers on a cap.

This plant grows best in warm and humid areas. This plant needs full sunlight to grow well. It needs coarse well-draining soil and the temperature of the soil should be above 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

A pineapple lily is also called a pineapple flower. The botanical name of this plant is Eucomis spp. It belongs to the Asparagaceae family. The plant types is Perennial, annual, and bulb. The mature size of this plant is 18-36 in. tall and 18-24 in. wide. It needs full sunlight to grow well. It can grow in Loamy, well-drained soil. The soil pH should be Acidic, neutral, and alkaline. This plant blooms in summer. The colors of the flowers are Green, purple, pink, and white. The hardiness zone is 7-10 (USDA). It is a native of Africa.

How to care for Pineapple Lily?

These are the main care requirements for growing pineapple lily.

Pineapple lily need full sunlight and good drainage to grow healthy. This is because it is native to the coarse soils of South Africa.

You should start with large bulbs. It will produce multiple flower stalks on unusual, burgundy-speckled stems

If you are plating pineapple lily in spring, you should bury the bulbs at least 5 inches in the ground. It will help to overwinter in hardy areas.

You should store bulbs in a cool, dark, and very dry place for the winter.


This plant grows well and blooms well in full sunlight. If you are living in the south, afternoon shade can help to prevent foliage from browning due to strong sunlight.

Pineapple lilies grow and bloom best in full sun. In southern gardens, some afternoon shade may help to prevent foliage from browning due to strong sunlight.


The pineapple plant is not a tropical plant. It grows well in rocky soil. If we talk about Cactus or orchid potting mixes, these plants work well in containers, or your own potting mix blend. It works well as long as drains well.


You should water the pineapple plant when the soil surface feels dry. You should stop watering in the fall. You should keep the bulbs dry during the winter. It is essential.          

Temperature and Humidity

Remember that pineapple lilies do not grow well in cool weather. The temperature should be over 65 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the temperature to grow the plant. If you are living in north of Zone 7, you can dig up your bulbs in the fall to store them. This plant can bear all humidity types but soil should not be soggy.


If you fertilize the flower every two weeks, it will help pineapple lilies to grow large and vigorous.

It does not need pruning when it is growing.

Types of Pineapple Lily

There are four types of pineapple lily which include cultivars or hybrids.

Eucomis comosa ‘Joy’s Purple’ 

It has deep purple flowers and purple foliage.

Eucomis comosa ‘Cornwood

It has bears late-season creamy flowers with maroon centers.

Eucomis autumnalis (Autumn pineapple flower)

This flower blooms from midsummer to mid-fall.

Aloha Lily 

It is a hybrid dwarf series in which includes ‘Lieia’ with burgundy flowers, ‘Maui’ with white flowers, and ‘Nani’ with soft pink flowers.

Common Pests

This plant is not susceptible to any serious diseases or pests; There is only one problem aphids with this plant. This problem is common in many indoor and outdoor plants, you can remove it naturally with the blast of water.

How to Get Pineapple Lily to Bloom

A pineapple lily needs eight weeks in the summer to bloom. It starts in May or June.

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